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A young foot is agile and toes are evenly spread. As we grow, years of cramming feet in to unsuitable, narrow shoes begins to take its toll. Feet lose their young, agile shape and flexibility and when we walk the bones of our feet jam together. As a result, our natural balance and body alignment is lost. Without mobility in the bones of our feet several foot dis-orders such as Osteo-Arthritis, hammer toes, bunions and poor circulation can occur.


Yoga Sandals® work to alleviate these potential problems by spreading the toes and retraining the feet. As the foot bones regain mobility, balance and body alignment are restored and over all wellness is increased.


Expert opinion and customer testimonials show that Yoga Sandals® help offer the following benefits:


  • Increase foot strength

  • Relieve stress within the foot

  • Align toes

  • Correct postural alignment

  • Stretch leg muscles

  • Stretch Achilles tendon

  • Help Improve circulation

  • Improve and strengthen arches of the feet

  • Help alleviate hammertoe, bunions, plantar fasciitis and joint pain

  • Improve flexibility of the foot











Improving your feet, one step at a time

To see the amazing benefits of wearing Yoga Sandals® please watch this short video, led by Sandra Sammartino. Sandra is a 30+ year Yoga teacher and 20+ year Yoga Teacher Trainer, and explains the benefits of wearing Yoga Sandals.



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