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Shipping & Returns 

How do you ship them and what is the cost?


I ship using ICS, UPS, Purolator or Canada Post.   Real-time Live Shipping Rates are determined at checkout.  Only Canada Post will deliver to Box Numbers.

What countries do you ship Yoga Sandals® to?


I ship to all Canadian locations as well as US locations.   For international locations please refer to


What happens if I would like to return or exchange my Yoga Sandals®?


I can accept returns or exchanges for up to 30 days from your date of shipping (minus all shipping fees, which are not refundable). I ask that you return your purchase in unused, resalable condition with its original packaging intact. 


What happens if my Yoga Sandals® are defective?


Defective items can be returned or replaced for up to 12 months from the purchase date.  Within 6 months, free shipping applies, after 6 months shipping rates apply.


Yoga Sandal FAQ


Why wear Yoga Sandals® footwear?


These sandals are the next level in flip-flop design. The four thongs ensure the sandal will not slide around on the foot or be accidentally kicked off with sudden movement, while the arch provides support for the foot and the slope provides in-step relief. With each toe gently separated, there is a natural alignment of the foot bones and muscles, aiding posture and balance. In yoga training, there is an emphasis on separating the toes in the standing postures to improve the sense of grounding and balance. These sandals re-train the toes to do just that, while exercising the foot muscles, thus improving alignment of the foot bones This results in reduced foot problems such as bunions, hammer toe, heel pain, and arthritis. Countless satisfied customers have reported Yoga Sandals® provide relief from leg, hip and spinal discomfort. All with the ease of having a sandal in and out of the house.


Can I use Yoga Sandals® footwear all year round?


Yes, definitely! In the spring and summer, the sandals gently spread your toes as you go about your errands in and out of the house. They provide a stable support for the foot unlike regular single thong flip-flops (just try to kick them off!). Yoga Sandals® give your toes much needed relief from closed toe, often narrow shoes. During the cooler months, depending on the temperature, toe socks work well so you can continue to wear them in and out of the house. The all-new Comfy style of Yoga Sandals® has been created so you can have a dedicated pair to use inside. Numerous customers comment that their feet feel warmer upon wearing the sandals. This is due to increased blood flow and energy flow in the feet.


How often should I wear my Yoga Sandals®?


Everyday! If you find your feet sore at first while wearing them, for up to 2 weeks, trying wearing them for just 10 minutes a day. Walk around in them to get your feet used to the enhanced mobility and flexibility. These sandals help to properly align the bones in your feet, correcting all those years of cramming. This will feel slightly strange and uncomfortable to begin with, but as the bones begin to re-train, the new, straight alignment will provide a host of benefits. Like anything new, it’s best to start slow and go from there.


Do I wear Yoga Sandals® during the practice of Yoga?


It is not recommended to wear any type of shoe during the practice of Yoga. Yoga Sandals® are for normal everyday indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to continue to benefit from the principles of Yoga all day long, with no extra time spent.



Are Yoga Sandals® suitable for men?


Yes, they are suitable for everyone! Many men have been very pleased with the look and results of Yoga Sandals®. The Bhakti style (in black or brown) comes in Men's sizes.



What materials are used in Yoga Sandals®?


They are made of the same environmentally-friendly shock-absorbing material used in Birkenstock sandals. Yoga Sandals® are vegan-friendly, using no animal products or testing, yet the tops of many of the models look and feel like leather.



I run a Beauty Salon and Yoga Sandals® look like fantastic pedicure toe separators. Are they suitable for this type of use?


Yoga Sandals® have become increasingly popular with Spas and Beauty Salons across North America and Europe. The sandals' unique design, with built-in toe separators to keep the toes apart, make them perfect to slip on before your polish. No more waiting for polish to dry, leaving your clients free to get on with their day.


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